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  • High-end and very powerful lighting.
  • Completely waterproof and dustproof thanks to its design (IP 68).
  • Ultra efficient, it is ideal for your plants in terrariums.
  • Produces little heat and is energy efficient. 

Products available in several sizes and in several powers:  

Bar length Power Dimensions Brightness
30 cm 30W 292*96*14 mm 1960lm
45 cm 45W 442*96*14 mm 2950lm
60 cm 56W 592*96*14 mm 3675 lm
90 cm 76W 892*96*14 mm 4985lm
120 cm 92W 1192*96*14 mm 6030lm

Plug and Play: can be placed on your terrarium thanks to the clips or suspended


This horticultural LED bar is designed for terrariums, it is ideal for plant growth and flowering. It has a full light spectrum, it is equipped with high quality LEDs for optimal performance.

Why choose an AQS Pro rather than an AQ-S?

  • Optimal performance 
  • Extremely powerful
  • More aesthetic and ergonomic shape 
  • Composed of diffuser 
  • Can be installed in two different ways 

Ledstars AQS pro, optimized for your terrarium

Available in 5 sizes and 5 different powers, they will be perfect for your terrarium and can be adjusted according to their size because the supports are adjustable. You can install them in two different ways:

  •          Either by clipping them on the edges of your terrarium.
  •                    Either by suspending them above it using the suspension kit.

The LED bar is sold with steel mounting brackets, and it is extendable by 10 cm on each side. 


LED RVB 3 in 1 :

Ledstars are waterproof lighting (IP 68), and extremely powerful. Water and dust resistant, it includes a mixture of RGBW colors (red, green, blue, white) to improve the quality of your plants. The LEDs are of high quality and come from several brands: EPISTAR, CREE and OSRAM. It is equipped with the new AURORA LED chips: white LEDs (0.5 W/pcs) and RGB LEDs (2 W/pcs) 

Ideal full spectrum lighting:

RGBW lights offer a powerful and essential light spectrum to meet the growing needs of your plants. With their higher PPFD and CRI values, these lights are an optimal choice for the different growth phases of your plants.

It is possible to customize the color channels by adjusting the color of the spectrum and the lighting time according to the needs of your plants. You can even create up to 16 million different spectra.

To facilitate this customization, a mobile application is available with the product, which allows you to adjust and control your lighting solution. You can even simulate a sunrise and sunset cycle to optimize your plants' growth and flowering.

Why is it important for your plants to have a real sunrise and sunset?

The lighting will offer you a pleasant visual rendering, while bringing the same characteristics to your plants as natural sunlight.

Sunrise and sunset are important for plant growth because they mark the beginning and end of the day, and are associated with changes in light and temperature that influence plant physiology.

When the sun rises, the light it emits contains a greater proportion of blue light, which stimulates the growth and photosynthesis of plants by encouraging them to produce more leaves and stems. During the day, the proportion of blue light gradually decreases and sunlight becomes more reddish, which encourages flowering and fruiting of plants.

At the end of the day, sunset is also important because it marks the end of photosynthesis and the start of nocturnal respiration. During the night, plants respire using oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide, which requires less light.

A regular cycle of day and night, with appropriate sunrise and sunset, is therefore crucial for plant growth and health. It helps maintain regularity in their life cycle, synchronizing growth, flowering and dormancy processes, and providing optimal conditions for light and nutrient uptake.

  • Blue light is absorbed in large percentage by chlorophyll and carotenoids. It is essential for plant growth and development and plays an important role in photosynthesis. It also makes it possible to influence the morphology of plants (size, shape, orientation of leaves and stems).
  • Green light promotes the development of chlorophyll and is useful for illuminating plants at night without disturbing their cycle. 
  • Red light stimulates photosynthesis and the production of sugars necessary for growth and fruiting.


Optimization of heat:

Thanks to its aluminum body, this lighting produces very little heat because it is automatically dissipated. The temperature therefore remains constant within your terrarium.

You will therefore increase the life of the product and limit problems with regard to after-sales service. In addition, the quality of the light will not deteriorate due to excess heat.

Quality lighting:

This lighting does not emit any noise, which will be pleasant for you.

Even if this led horticultural lamp produces an intense light, it does not consume a lot of electricity, and will save you real money at the end of the month.

Easy to use, its assembly is quick and it will be immediately operational.

Sustainability :

The AQS pro led bar has been designed with high quality materials for a long life. It is equipped with high-end silicone coated LEDs for additional protection against water and dust. 


Bluetooth 5.0 controller:

The AQS pro led bar is equipped with an integrated all-in-one Bluetooth controller for the Easy AQ STAR app. You can turn the light on or off, adjust the intensity from 10% to 100%, set the timer, etc. Two presets allow for easy customizable settings. Manual mode gives full control of the RGBW channels.

Convenient control with the AQ STAR app:


The AQ Star application is a free mobile application available on Android and IOS to allow you to control your lights remotely.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the app makes it easy to adjust the light intensity, temperature and humidity to create an optimal growing environment for your plants.

You can also program custom operating schedules to automate the process of growing your plants. The AQ Star app makes controlling your lighting simple and intuitive, allowing you to maximize your crop yield with ease.

You will also be able to set and save scenes based on your tank type. Already predefined scenes are available to you through this application.


Here is the QR Code that will allow you to download the application with one click:


High-end finish for terrariums:

All of the lighting is made of aluminum, space gray in color, which has been designed to efficiently optimize heat. This production material allows the AQS pro to be durable, and greatly increasestheir lighting quality.

What are the main features? :

  • Input voltage : 240V
  • Color temperature : 3000-6500 K
  • LED life : 50,000 hours
  • Beam angle : 120 degrees
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : > 90
  • Color : space gray
  • Material : aluminum
  • Consumption : from 30W to 92W
  • Manageable with a mobile application : yes
  • zero noise : yes
  • waterproof (IP 68) : yes
  • spectrum : full RGBW – near daylight (41 umol/m2/s to 118 umol/m2/s)
  • Certificate : CE
  • dimmable : yes 
  • Warranty : 2 years with new replacement

Your product is sold with:

  • Power cable

  • Hanging kit

  • Safety notice

  • Bluetooth receiver

What are the advantages of this LED horticultural bar? :

  • Full light spectrum for optimal plant growth
  • High quality LEDs for maximum performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Extremely powerful lighting 
  • Very good value for money
  • Long life expectancy
  • Easy to install thanks to its lightweight and compact design
  • Optimal heat dissipation
  • Ease of use
  • Nice aesthetic rendering
  • plug and play
  • Can be used via app 

Why use the AQS pro? :

This horticultural LED bar is ideal for lighting terrariums. It can be used for a variety of plants including houseplants, orchids and tropical plants.

How to use the LEDSTAR AQS Pro horticultural LED bar? :

  1. Install the LED bar by securing it using the supplied mounting brackets.
  2. Plug the bar into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  3. Adjust the light intensity using the integrated dimmer.
  4. Let the LED bar light up for about 12 hours a day for optimal plant lighting.

We recommend that you follow the instructions and consider the specific lighting needs of your plants.


Q : What is the recommended hanging distance for this LED bar?

A : The recommended hanging distance for the LEDSTAR AQS Pro Horticultural Terrarium LED Bar is 30-60cm.

Q : What is the lifespan of the LED bar?

A : The lifespan of the LEDSTAR AQS Pro Horticultural Terrarium LED Bar is 50,000 hours.

Q  : Can the AQS pro light be used underwater?

A  : No, the AQS pro led bar is waterproof but it is not designed to be used underwater. It is therefore important to handle it with care and to follow the instructions for use to ensure safe and effective use of the led bar.

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