Lampe horticole LED 50W - GVL SPOT V4 - Eclairage pour plantes vertes et murs végétaux
Lampe horticole LED 50W - GVL SPOT V4 - Eclairage pour plantes vertes et murs végétaux
Lampe horticole LED 50W - GVL SPOT V4 - Eclairage pour plantes vertes et murs végétaux
Lampe horticole LED 50W - GVL SPOT V4 - Eclairage pour plantes vertes et murs végétaux

LED horticultural lamp 50W - GVL SPOT V4 IP66


This LED horticultural solution GVL SPOT 50 V4 IP66 can illuminate all plants (green, orchids, bonsai, carnivores ...).
This LED horticultural lighting produces a white light that promotes growth and enhances your plants.
This system, by its low power consumption and its very long life, will allow you to make significant energy savings.

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    Size 278 x 365 x 52mm
    Cable length 150cm
    Lighting angle 90
    Color rendering >90
    AC 220-240VAC
    ON/OFF switch


    Create a unique atmosphere
    Can be placed on a window
    Simple to use and turn on
    Incredible color rendering
    Very easy to install

Sold with

    Spot v4
    Safety instructions
    2 years replacement warranty

10 reasons to choose the GVL SPOT 50 LED horticultural lamp:

    Spectrum for plant growth
    Powerful Philips LEDs
    Totally silent
    Safe and moisture resistant
    Pleasant white visual output
    Very low power consumption
    Easy to install
    Delivered Plug & Play
    3 years warranty !
    French company serving your plants for 8 years

Optimized LED horticultural spectrum for all plants
LED lighting green plants orchids carnivores basil
Orchids, bonsais, carnivores, green plants, herbs....

Why choose GreenVisuaLED LED horticultural lighting

Very long service life
The long service life (~50,000 hours) is a considerable advantage over traditional halogen floodlights (~1500 hours).
After 50,000 hours, the lighting will always work with only 30% reduction in performance.

Ultra high power LED horticultural lighting
We exclusively use ultra high power LEDs, designed to enhance and promote the growth of your plants. These green plant lights and green wall lights produce high quality white light to suit all varieties of plants.

Quality electronic components
A low quality power supply can cause a fluctuation of the light flux (flickering) which can be a source of visual discomfort. For this reason, and to ensure that you benefit from an incomparable life span, we select high-end power supplies.

A safe lighting solution
Unlike other horticultural lighting, our LED solution is safe. This system is equipped with protections and is made of very strong materials.

PREMIUM 3-year replacement warranty
This product is guaranteed for 3 years. When you place an order on the FloraLED website, you automatically benefit from the PREMIUM replacement warranty.

LuminoLIGHT Technology

When designing this LED horticultural lighting, we studied the benefits of light therapy with health professionals. Light therapy is a therapeutic technique to treat certain mood disorders or "winter depression". This condition is characterized by depressive disorders due to a lack of sunlight and light.
We have therefore equipped this lighting with a combination of different spectrums of white to provide a pleasant and soothing light. The light does not emit any UV or infrared spectrum.

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