Ampoule TerraLED 6W - Eclairage LED pour terrariums

TerraLED 6W bulb - LED lighting for terrariums


The TerraLED 7W is a very low power LED bulb designed for plant growth. It emits a light spectrum very close to daylight of 4000~4500K.

E27 base - 625lm - Allows to light a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm terrarium

Compatible with the TerraLED E27 clamp and socket

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Available in two sizes and two wattages, the TerraLED 7W bulb is suitable for terrariums and vivariums. While producing an intense light, it has a very low power consumption, which ensures savings on your electricity bill.
The bulb consists of several LEDs with two different spectra. One part of the LEDs is used to provide the best spectrum for plant growth and the other part of the LEDs is used to provide a pleasant visual effect that is true to the color of natural light.

LEDs produce very little heat. In fact, they give off only a minimum amount of rising heat to maintain an optimal temperature in your terrarium/vivarium.

Once screwed in, the bulb can still be rotated 300° to ensure that your terrarium/vivarium is illuminated according to your needs and desires.

The TerraLED 7W bulb works simply and is to be used on a standard E27 socket.

If you use this bulb inside a terrarium/vivarium, we recommend using a protective grid around the light.

These bulbs do not emit UV light.

Spectrum of this 7W LED horticultural terrarium bulb

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