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The brands of our horticultural lamps

Who are we?

  • Leading LED plant lighting since 2009.
  • French design
  • Dual-spectrum lighting developed by our company.
  • Promote the growth of your plants

Our lighting

  • Ramps, bulbs, waterproof and recessed LED spotlights.
  • Designed with high-quality materials
  • LEDs specially designed for horticultural lighting
  • Bi-spectrum lighting optimizes color rendering.
  • Several sizes and powers available

lighting TerraLED

Premium LEDs - High CRI for enhanced growth and visual rendering
Suitable heat sink for long lifespan.

traditional lighting

Low-end LEDs - Non-horticultural spectrum
Limited lifespan as they are not designed for continuous operation.

The LED ramps

Ease of use and performance

For tropical terrarium enthusiasts, the choice of lighting is crucial. Since 2010, our range of "TM" LED strips has been carefully developed to meet your most specific needs. Powered by advanced Samsung LEDs technology, our strips guarantee an unparalleled color rendering, highlighting every detail of your terrarium while promoting optimal plant growth thanks to a specially designed horticultural spectrum. And because your satisfaction is our priority, our products are not only covered by a 2-year warranty, but they are also designed to be Plug & Play, offering you a simple and quick installation. With "TM" LED strips, let your passion shine like never before!

The LED ramps

High-end - Waterproof - Perfect for heights >80cm

Discover the SPOTS from the GreenVisuaLED brand, ideal for lighting terrariums of all sizes, from standard to large spaces. These spots, already chosen by many zoos and enthusiasts, can be directly placed on the glass of a terrarium. They integrate high-quality LEDs from Philips and reliable power supplies from MeanWell. Their water resistance ensures exceptional durability, making these lights an essential choice for all your terrarium projects. They all come with a 3-year warranty.

The LED ramps

Connected LED horticultural ramps - Control via Smartphone

Ledstar is a brand that we closely work with in the field of horticultural lighting for terrariums. They offer innovative products such as the AQS and AQS Pro LED horticultural bars. These lighting solutions, designed for a variety of needs, combine cutting-edge technology and ease of use. Their full spectrum light and advanced features, such as control via a mobile application, and their IP68 waterproof rating, make Ledstar a preferred choice for enthusiasts demanding quality and performance.

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At TerraLED, we understand the specific needs of professionals such as architects, electricians, and landscapers. We are proud to offer personalized services, including custom quotes and in-depth studies to precisely meet your lighting requirements. Our team of experts is ready to design and create unique lighting solutions tailored to your horticultural and terrarium projects. Entrust us with your ideas, and we will illuminate them with expertise and innovation. Visit TerraLED to discover how we can transform your vision into a luminous reality.

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