TM 25W 30cm - Lampe horticole LED pour terrariums - Simple à utiliser et performante

TM 25W 30cm - LED horticultural lamp for terrariums - Easy to use and efficient

The new TerraLED TM95W 120cm LED horticultural lamp is perfect for lighting your terrarium up to 180cm x 45cm.

This LED lamp is only 4cm thick and is completely silent!

The 224 LEDs of this light will allow you to grow your plants and enhance your terrarium. (Bi-spectrum)

Plug & Play - Can be placed on a grid or suspended.

Tax included



    -Size 1255 x 96 x35mm
    -Cable length
    -Lighting angle 90
    -Color rendering >90
    -AC 220-240VAC
    -ON/OFF switch


    -Create a unique atmosphere
    -Can be placed on a window
    -Simple to use and turn on
    -Incredible color rendering
    -Very easy to install

Sold with

    -TM lighting
    -Power cable with switch
    -Suspension kit
    -Safety instructions
    -2 year replacement warranty

Available in three sizes and three wattages, the TerraLED Module 95W 120CM is suitable for terrariums and vivariums. While producing intense light, this LED horticultural lamp consumes very little power, ensuring savings on your electricity bill.
This LED horticultural lamp is composed of several SAMSUNG LEDs with two different spectra. One part of the LEDs is used to provide the best spectrum for plant growth and the other part of the LEDs is used to provide a pleasant visual effect that is true to natural light.

LEDs produce very little heat. In fact, they give off only a minimum of rising heat to maintain an optimal temperature in your terrarium/vivarium.

The TM TerraLED is sold with a hanging kit and a 150cm long cable with plug. Plug & Play product.

It is also possible and recommended to place your lamp on the top of your terrarium. There is no risk of placing this LED horticultural light on a surface.

These LED horticultural lamps do not emit UV light.

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